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Traveling? Start your travel off on the right note when you ship your luggage so it is already waiting for you when you reach your destination. Let us pack and ship your skis, golf clubs, strollers and more. We’ll ship your luggage and packages ahead to your destination. Plus, if you do some shopping on vacation it’s easy and convenient to ship those souvenirs home. Airlines are now charging more for transport of golf clubs and additional luggage! Let us help you save some money and simplify the process! We offer full service packaging and shipping via all major carriers.

We will give you tracking information and estimated arrival of your luggage. Shipping your luggage ahead of time is a convenient way to travel.

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“I wish I found you guys last year! I am glad I stopped by last week, your service was great and your help offloading my luggage was greatly appreciated. It is hard to find good service around here. My luggage arrived in good condition and on time. I will recommend you to all my friends and family.” – Mrs. Santos

“Shipping my golf clubs is always a pain! A friend of mine recommended you. I am glad I stopped by, you guys did a good job explaining the process, the guy behind counter was very friendly and knowledgeable. The price was a little bit out of my budget but not having to carry the clubs in and out and carry them around the airport was priceless!” – B. Powers


  • Avoid carrying your luggage from and to airport.
  • Bypass long check-in lines.
  • Don’t pay excess baggage fees.
  • Have your luggage waiting for you at your destination.
  • Real time Tracking of your luggage.
  • Safe and Reliable.
  • Value protection of $100.00 per item is included.
  • Additional Coverage available.

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